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Extensiv grows ARR by 250% with Maxio

Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) is a technology leader focused on creating the future of omni-channel fulfillment. They enable modern 3PLs and brands to fulfill demand with superior flexibility and scale without painful platform migrations.

Since implementing Maxio in 2019, Extensiv’s ARR has grown 250%, and they simplified their financial operations into an efficient and effective enterprise.

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Extensiv has made major strides while maintaining a small finance and accounting team thanks to Maxio and our wide array of integrations. Since 2019 they have:

  • Migrated three acquisitions and standardized billing

  • Integrated Maxio with NetSuite and Salesforce

  • Integrated Avalara for sales tax and Strike as their payment gateway

Extensiv requires a complex revenue billing management system to keep up with their fast-growing customer base and multitude of product offerings. Extensiv utilizes Maxio modules like Advanced A/R management to report on delinquent accounts and decrease DSO.

Extensiv’s relies heavily on a multitude of Maxio reports such as Net Revenue Retention and Advanced Subscription Momentum to view monthly product performance and sales performance. They have also automated billing and subscription renewals and simplified collections, as customers are able to self-manage payments through e-invoices without credentialing.

  • Our team is able to report on flash bookings within two days of month end, and we are able to close revenue within five days as a result of implementing Maxio.

    Antonietta Ciccone, Extensiv

    Director of Corporate Revenue Accounting

    Extensiv logo
  • Maxio provides us with SaaS-based metrics at a push of a button.

    Antonietta Ciccone, Extensiv

    Director of Corporate Revenue Accounting

    Extensiv logo

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