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Optimizing Business Operations with Maxio Advanced Billing at SolarWinds

SolarWinds offers full-stack hybrid and multi-cloud observability, IT service management, and database performance management in one easy-to-manage platform.

They utilize Maxio Advanced Billing to aid their business expansion and enhance operational efficiencies across three company entities.

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Ryan Young, a seasoned member of SolarWinds' finance department, sheds light on his experience using Maxio Advanced Billing to manage the company's product catalog and streamline day-to-day operations.

  • Streamlined product management with increased ease of creating new products, sites, and catalog adjustments for enhanced customer service

  • Daily use of Advanced Billing to handle various tasks such as invoicing, PO updates, billing address changes, plan modifications, adjusting payment terms, and managing customer data

  • Advanced Billing's simplicity and adaptability supports the company's growth strategy, exceeding expectations in product integration and business expansion

A seamless path to financial efficiency and business growth

Initially, we were only using Advanced Billing for our Pingdom customers, but after we bought two additional companies, we were able to seamlessly integrate them within Advanced Billing.

Ryan underscores the user-friendliness and convenience of Maxio Advanced Billing, expressing satisfaction with its simplicity and comprehensive functionality. His positive experience with the platform, particularly in managing diverse financial tasks, serves as a strong recommendation for others considering the product.

By leveraging Advanced Billing, SolarWinds successfully integrated multiple products into a unified billing system, fostering operational efficiency and aiding in the company's growth and expansion.

Being someone who uses upwards of around 10 different systems per day, Maxio is definitely one of my favorites to use and the one I prefer using the most.

Ryan Young, SolarWinds

Global Order Management Team Lead

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