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Maxio’s Finance Team Implements NetSuite in Just Four Weeks

Maxio is a billing and financial operations platform purpose-built for B2B SaaS companies. We automate billing, subscription management, collections, and reporting to help our customers stop chasing dollars and focus on what’s next.

At Maxio, we utilize our own platform to run our financial operations, and we use the same integrations as our customers.

Similar to many of our customers, as we continued to grow, we saw the need to upgrade our general ledger from QuickBooks to NetSuite.

Because we kept billing, revenue recognition, and reporting in Maxio, utilizing NetSuite as a general ledger only, our finance team was able to implement our new GL in four weeks.

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According to Maxio’s VP of FP&A Tina Christofferson and Staff Accountant Schael Scenti, our transition from QuickBooks to NetSuite was seamless due to:

  • Already having Maxio implemented internally and using it daily
  • The Maxio implementation team’s vast NetSuite experience
  • Our financial data was well organized within both QuickBooks and Maxio

Integrating Maxio with NetSuite has numerous benefits

Similar to many of our customers, Maxio’s finance team chose to leverage NetSuite as a general ledger for greater financial control and better visibility into entities and business lines. When paired with Maxio, we’re able to see SaaS metrics and analytics and really drill down into business performance.

According to Christofferson, using the two systems together has sped up our reporting time significantly. NetSuite’s financial reporting and Maxio’s SaaS metric reporting enable us to estimate future expansion and contraction, giving us a better idea of future cashflows and which levers we can pull to drive future growth.

  • So that really helps us manage cash properly and make sure we have insight into what’s gonna happen in the next three months along with what’s gonna happen over the next year with the ARR reporting.

    Tina Christofferson, Maxio

    VP of FP&A

  • We actually were able to complete our implementation into Netsuite within about four weeks…I think that one of the most valuable parts of that was that we already had Maxio implemented. Our revenue is done throughout the Maxio system, so it was pretty seamless to get GL information uploaded into Netsuite.

    Shael Scenti, Maxio

    Staff Accountant

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