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Enmark Systems well positioned to scale into the future with Maxio

Enmark Systems is an ERP purpose-built for the Metal Service Center industry. Their software was developed exclusively to address their user’s specific needs to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Prior to utilizing Maxio, Enmark was heavily reliant on manual processes that could not provide real-time insights or the scalability needed to optimize their business. Now with Maxio, Enmark has successfully utilized functions and features such as recurring billing and a multitude of metrics and insights available to track KPIs.

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Enmark was looking for a tool that could give them real time insights into ARR and retention metrics. Maxio helps Enmark by:

  • Creating automation around recurring revenue recognition and deferred revenue schedules

  • Executing real-time insights into key metrics

  • Providing flexibility around recurring billing systems that integrate at a detailed level with invoicing and payments

Enmark Systems credits Maxio with setting up their company with innovative processes as they continue to grow

According to Enmark’s CFO, Debbie Williams, Maxio stands out compared to competitors thanks to the ease of implementation provided by the highly attentive and knowledgeable implementation consultants. Thanks to the processes that were put in place, Enmark’s DSO improved and the automation added to collections helps to increase overall efficiency around the monthly invoices.

After the smooth implementation process, Enmark has been able to streamline revenue and retention reporting at month end, as well as, gain efficiencies in their daily processes around invoicing and collections. Also, thanks to integrations such as Salesforce, EnMark has improved communication and processes throughout the whole organization and are able to get real time insights to other departments within the company.

Maxio is going to help us scale into the future. As Enmark continues to grow, we won't have to spend a lot of additional cost on overhead because Maxio takes care of so many of the functions and features that used to take a lot of manual effort to achieve.

Without Maxio, we would be heavily reliant on spreadsheets. Processes would take much longer and we'd find ourselves looking at a lot of different places in order to get the information that we need.

Debbie Williams, Enmark Systems

Chief Financial Officer

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