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Niche inspires investor confidence during due diligence with gold-star-worthy data

Niche helps students, from K-12 all the way to grad school, discover the best schools for them.

In the three years since they’ve become Maxio customers, has been able to match 4x more students with their ideal school.

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Three years ago, growth wasn’t even possible

According to Director of Finance Nick Dulac, maintaining that level of growth without Maxio in place would have been, ‘a disaster.’

  • Thanks to Maxio, Niche can run pre-saved reports to quickly answer investor queries

  • Niche has since earned a “gold star” from investors

  • Director of Finance credits Maxio for Niche’s ability to stay afloat over the past 3 years

Niche can stop cramming for rounds of due diligence

In addition to soothing the growing pains of a rapidly scaling business, Nick says Maxio has been extremely valuable during their due diligence process.

Niche credits Maxio with saving their SaaS

With Maxio, pulling this kind of data for investors is as simple as running a set of pre-saved reports and passing those along to investors.

Niche’s investors are impressed with the level of detail in the data they are able to provide. According to Nick, “I’ve always heard [investors] say that we get a gold star across their portfolio.”

“I would absolutely recommend Maxio to anyone else looking at software or comparable softwares. In all honesty, I don’t think we could be surviving right now if we hadn’t had this system in place for the past three years.”

[Investors] want to see revenue or MRR broken out by customer, and having to do that purely run through Excel, which is what we were doing before Maxio, was difficult and time-consuming to keep up to date.

Nick Dulac, Niche

Director of Finance

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