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Limble Solutions uses Maxio Advanced Billing to improve efficiency and accuracy in financial reports

Limble Solutions Inc. is a provider of cloud-based maintenance management software that helps technicians and companies manage their assets and facilities.

Thanks to Maxio, Limble has been able to grow in confidence when reporting out financial data to investors.

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The implementation of Maxio and Maxio’s Advanced Billing module has reduced Limble’s financial reporting time from a month to just a few days.

  • Limble’s team has gained deeper insights into items such as sales, deferred revenue, and churn analysis

  • They’ve streamlined their auditing reports and can manage their product catalog more effectively

  • Limble is now able complete all necessary monthly financial reports in record time

Ever since implementing Maxio, our ability to collect on outstanding invoices has improved significantly. The amount of time it takes has dropped, and it saves our collections team so much time, energy, and stress.

Gabrielle Lucero, Limble Solutions, Inc.

Revenue Manager

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Limble has grown thanks to cross-platform integration

Limble Solutions has a flexible pricing structure for user plans and the features, which made it difficult to manage all the product components and the associated prices. So Limble looked to Maxio, becoming one of the first companies to implement Maxio’s Advanced Billing module. 

Advanced Billing makes it easy for Limble to organize their product catalog—keeping track of user plans, features, and associated costs. Their product team can now dive down into each subscription's price point and easily transition users to the next one. 

But it doesn’t just benefit the product team. The sync between Maxio and the Advanced Billing module also has streamlined financial reporting, reducing errors, and enabling the accounting department to pull reports in just a few days. 

The entire team is thrilled with the features of both systems, as their work is much easier and more manageable.

"I would tell somebody considering Maxio to definitely get [Advanced Billing]. Both systems working together is just an absolute powerhouse," said Gabrielle Lucero, Revenue Manager of Limble Solutions.

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