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Rockerbox streamlines the decision making process through high-level reports

Rockerbox helps companies make smarter marketing decisions through data-driven insights by  providing a single source for all marketing metrics.

Maxio helps Rockerbox better understand their business and customers at a deeper level that is critical to their company.

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Maxio quickly became a centerpiece of Rockerbox’s operations and empowered them to make better decisions in a timely manner.

  • Easily access reliable reporting to see their net new revenue, retained revenue, churned revenue, and contracted revenue.

  • Information that used to take hours and lots of manual processes, now takes a matter of minutes to pull.

  • Integrated with SalesForce, reviewing KPIs is quicker and done at a higher level prior to the purchase of Maxio.

  • At the end of the day, a business needs good information to be able to make decisions. Maxio is a great tool to empower you, to give you the data that you need to really ensure you're making the right decisions for a business.

    Ron Jacobson, Rockerbox


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Rockerbox finds cross-company solutions thanks to Maxio’s diverse reporting functions

Rockerbox originally set out to find a solution that helped them better understand their business and their customers. They wanted to see what was and what was not working, and implement a solution to grow more strategically. Prior to Maxio, Rockerbox did not have the data structure to answer those questions and concerns. Now, using Maxio, they are able to drill down into specific data points enabling them to see the business not only at that deeper level, but also from an aerial perspective allowing them to make better business decisions.

Rockerbox CEO, Ron Jacobson, says being able see historical data in months, quarters, years, quarter over quarter, year over year, has been immensely helpful in planning for the future. Maxio touches all points of the business from himself as CEO to Finance, Revenue Operations and even Sales, enabling each team greater insight into the business as a whole.

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Ron also said

“Maxio is a great product. I would recommend Maxio to someone like myself.”

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