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Chili Piper Positions to Scale, Successfully Secures Funding

Chili Piper helps connect B2B revenue teams with their prospects early. Their customers can double their conversion rate by letting their customers book as soon as they express interest.

As Chili Piper pursues new funding rounds, Maxio helps them get access to the right data—right when they need right when they need it.

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Chili Piper was looking for their next round of funding.

  • Maxio helped Chili Piper transition from cash to accrual-based accounting
  • Now, Chili Piper stays nimble and make adjustments when they need to
  • Maxio makes pulling reports for investor meetings a breeze—helping Chili Piper land a $33M investment

Chili Piper leans on Maxio for centralized accounting data

As the owner of revenue operations at Chili Piper, Scott Haney oversees Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and even has his hands in Finance Operations. Developing reliable processes that scale is necessary to maintain trustworthy metrics and reporting with the growth Chili Piper is experiencing.

When they reached a million dollars in ARR, Scott called in Maxio to help their team transition from cash to accrual-based accounting. After a smooth implementation, Maxio quickly became the sole source of truth for Chili Piper’s revenue.

Access to the right data brings in $33M

A few years later, in April of 2021, Chili Piper raised a massive $33M series B.

“A lot of my duties specifically with the series B was getting the reporting for the investors,” says Haney. “Raising our series B without Maxio would definitely be a huge pain because we wouldn’t have all the data in one spot.”

With Maxio as the source of truth for their revenue, Chili Piper has the tools they need to establish trust and instill confidence.

  • “Just looking back on it on my side, I probably would’ve transitioned to Maxio a good bit earlier just for the fact that it adds so much like scaling ability. It makes us a lot more nimble and allows us to make quick adjustments when we need to”

    Scott Haney, Chili Piper

    Revenue Operations

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